Why choose Blackpants for your Salon?


The original bleach resistant and hair repellent qualities of Blackpants Workwear are a given. The stylish designs and ability to suit everyone’s different personalities are a bonus! But what they can ultimately bring to a salon is much more than most ever realise, until they see it for themselves! Blackpants workwear adds that little something extra to a salon, it can pull a salon together, and guarantees that overall staff appearance will never have an off day again! The quality of Blackpants Workwear and the durable fabric also guarantees staff will look great wear after wear.
When speaking with salon owners from all over the world, naturally everyone’s uniform requirements can differ dramatically - but the overall need for uniforms always stems from similar concerns, and for the same reason. To improve staff appearance and the overall image of their salon.
Every salon owner puts everything in place within their power to put their salon ahead of the rest. Creating a stylish, functional and inviting fit out. Surrounding themselves with a talented and passionate team of stylists. Ensuring a memorable, unique and professional experience for each and every client. But the one crucial aspect salon owners believe is not always up to scratch – and often believe to be beyond their control – is staff appearance. Blackpants Workwear can help. Whether you require a uniform, or prefer allowing your team to mix and match from the range; regardless of how many salons and staff members you have, and of how many different shapes, sizes and ages – Blackpants can provide something for everyone, offering all your workwear solutions.
So when your next thinking about what can improve your salons overall image or if you ever thought about bringing in uniforms, here is some food for thought: Imagine walking into one of the worlds most famous family restaurants, who’s success has been built through consistency and strict franchise standards – and not seeing the staff in their usual neat and tidy uniforms???
Just Imagine.
Then contact the helpful staff at Blackpants Workwear today to see how you can transform your salon.



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  • Marcela Lastra: June 07, 2017

    He there would like to look into setting my team up with uniforms.
    We are in Adelaide.

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