Peace of mind, wearing only AZO free work wear!


Blackpants Workwear only use AZO FREE dyes in the production of our garments.
AZO dyes are a group of compounds, commonly used in the manufacturing process of textiles and garments. AZO dyes are considered harmful, as after prolonged contact with skin, the dyes are known to break down to carcinogenic compound called Aromatic Amines.
Although completely banned in the UK, and restricted in the USA, AZO dyes are allowed in Australia.
With so many garments being manufactured off shore now – we believe it is a company’s responsibility to deliver a safe and harmless product to their customers. At Blackpants, our product developers oversee every step of production. Also, by owning our own Stayblack textile, we can guarantee no AZO dyes are ever used in the manufacturing process.
Not all companies can say the same. Earlier this year, a handful of Australia’s leading retail giants voluntarily recalled over 200,000 garments from product shelves due to the clothing being contaminated with high levels of the hazardous dyes.
The ACCC has now begun a national review into AZO dyes, following both the UK and the USA. However while we wait for results of this – you can rest assured that no garments bought from Blackpants will ever contain these harmful AZO dyes.

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