2 Minutes to Spare

Our 43 minute dash from coffee to take-off. 
So after a successful weekend exhibiting at Salon Melbourne, our early rising team was leisurely enjoying a coffee in our hotel room before catching a 9:30 flight back to the coast. Imagine our surprise when the (usually) most organised member of our Blackpants clan double checked our flight info and not so quietly, or politely, exclaimed our flight departs in 45 minutes. As everyone franticly grabbed their luggage and ran for the door, I could see my boss mentally calculating the cost of last minute flights in her head!
So, fast forward 10 minutes and we are sitting in the cab, hotel door keys still in our possession, making friends with the cabbie and politely asking (pleading) him to please be quick! However considering we were still in said cab, at the 7:30am time of boarding, our chances looked slim.
Arriving at the airport, we gave all the boarding passes to she previously known as "miss organised" who would then run ahead and hopefully stop the plane. Or leave without us, we were quite uncertain of our fate at this stage! So cab paid, luggage in tow, we ran. And we ran. And we ran. Through the aiport, passed the queues, and through to baggage screening. A lovely man was there calling our names and I'm sure he knew by the frantic looks on our faces we were the "laggers" he was looking for. So after airport protocol was complete, and a fleet eye-off with the bomb testing man with the look of " not today mate, not today"... We continued on our morning sprint. Through more queues, secret doorways, even more secret tunnels (shipping containers?!?) then onto the Tarmac.
So there we were, all dressed in black, black handbags, sunnies, and a nice glow of sweat, bolting across to the waiting plane. Trudging up the stairs, panting like dogs, and welcomed by a sea of waiting passengers whose eyes looked like we just kicked their puppy! With apologetic smiles we made our way down the perfectly clear aisle to our seats. Composed ourselves, giggled quietly at our adventure, and in between gasping breaths for air... mumbled something about renewing those gym memberships sometime soon!


Interstate travel. #nailedit



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