Consumer Spending Trends

The last few months has seen very unprecedented times – and with it – uncertainty, challenges, and ultimately change.

As a company – we observed our industry adapt to these times – embrace the hurdles with courage – and become even more innovative and proactive. We sore the unity of our industry truly rise above adversity. And how inspiring it is, to be a part of it.

We saw our industry – people and business’s-  use these difficult times as an opportunity to Grow.

Embrace the changes!

We also saw a massive change in customer spending. On a wider spectrum. History shows us - when financial insecurity hits, people become much more conscious of how they spend their money. People look for value, investment purchases. We see a fall in spending on disposable commodities, and a rise in spending on investment commodities, A shift – from quantity – to quality.

To put it in perspective, in a retail sense – the clothing market – we see a shift from fast disposable fashion – to quality garments. Garments we may pay more for, but their true value is in their longevity, purpose and cost per wear.

This is what Blackpants delivers, for the last 20 years – we have delivered high quality garments, that provide a function and service to our customers.  

Blackpants deliver investment garments. And this, we believe is why Blackpants has become a brand that the industry trusts. To continue to deliver on this promise – of high quality garments that are not only stylish – but functional.

Blackpants workwear is ultimately an asset purchase for yourself and your business.  

This is where we get our passion. This is why the team at Blackpants continue to deliver new designs for our industry. We apart of the industry. We are your brand!

And we thank you ….

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