The fit, the finish, the material....all fabulous.

From: Di Howlett
Subject: RE:Re: Just checking = )
Date: September 02, 2014, 3:43m
To: Blackpants
Hi there,
I received my order yesterday, thank you!!
I absolutely love everything.
The fit, the finish, the material....all fabulous.
I could not be happier.  It's so nice to deal with a company who supplies exactly what they promise to.
I am not always easy to fit so I don't usually order clothes on line, but your range seemed so good, classy, practical & easy to wear.
Plus the sizing charts & all information supplied made ordering so easy. I love the tops but I have to say both the pants that I ordered look amazing ( never something I say when I try things on believe me ) & so comfortable. Exactly what a girl wants. To have a professional, stylish look but also be at ease & able to move & get on with the job.
Congratulations, I can not wait for my " Melbourne" as I am confident it will be a winner also.
I first saw your merchandise at Sydney Hair Expo, Your staff were just wonderful & stayed in my mind.
I kept the card they gave me & went on line when I was sure I required a new uniform..... I'm so glad that I ordered these items.
Thank you again.
With very kind regards,
Di Howlett

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