Around the World in 28 Days.

It’s been a crazy year so far for the Blackpants Trade Show team! After doing LA last month, the busy travellers just arrived back in the office after a month long haul to London and New York.  Tough life, eh?!  I wasn’t there this time, but with frequent communication and a constant flow of jealousy inducing photo messages, it felt like I was! Thanks guys.

So like always, it all began in Brisbane airport Lounge. From which I received this braggy photo with the words “Its not too late to change your mind”. Pffft.

 After 24 hours in transit, the girls arrived safely in London, hired a car at the airport and drove 5 hours! Destination – Birmingham, to exhibit at MODA Fashion Show UK.  MODA was a new and exciting experience for Blackpants, taking The Intelligent Legging into the fashion retail sector. Overall the show was a great success, the Leggings were very well received, and there are exciting things ahead for Blackpants in this new market!

 But next stop-  London for the Professional Beauty Show! Doing two trade shows one week apart is no easy feat, but the girls did get the evenings to unwind. After checking into our favourite apartment on High street Kensington, it was time for a well deserved glass of red while soaking up this view…


PBS was an absolute blast, 2 days of mayhem! Over 60,000 people filled the halls of the Excel building, and The Intelligent Legging sold out in the first day, with the work wear not far behind! Thank you to everyone who came to the stand.

Next stop… New York City. A very, very cold, snowy, New York City! With a bit more free time up their sleeves with only one trade show, they got a few days to go and explore a New York winter. As I wasn’t there, I have no stories to tell, but here are some photos…


The International Beauty Show (IBS) was another great success, with the leggings selling out again! Thank you to everyone that came, and to those that waited sometimes over an hour to be served during the busiest periods, and a massive shout out to the lovely customer who (seeing how busy they were) bought the girls back frozen yogurt and blueberries from the goodness of her heart. Thank you!

So the girls did no shopping and like always, the husbands got tacky tourist presents! But this time, said tacky gifts were not even from the hotel gift shop, but from the airport! Yep. New York schooner glasses, to go with their matching LA sweaters from last time! I, on the other hand, received a new sketch book and pencils from The Metropolitan Museum of Art! Winning!!

So we’d better get sketching then, we have lots of new customers, at home, and abroad who are waiting eagerly for some new designs! Watch this space :D



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  • Lisa collinge: January 25, 2018

    Hi please could you advise me of suppliers in the UK.
    Also I’m a dog groomer do you have any specific designs for my trade sleeveless doesn’t work the best as hair easily penetrates the skin. Lastly do you have a hair poof trouser/ bottoms available?

    Thank you in advance


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