Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

So we just flew back from LA after an incredibly successful show, exhibiting at the PBA International Salon & Spa Expo in Long Beach. Wow, California, you were great! What an awesome crowd of people, and also a great group of friendly and professional event organisers! Thankyou Professional Beauty Association!

The Intelligent Leggings were an absolute hit, with the industry again loving the concept of health legging designed specifically for women on their feet all day. 

The Blackpants uniform range was also very well received, despite our initial reservations about taking them!

But the real star of the show, and we rarely toot our own horn – was our stand! And it wasn’t just us that thought so this time, The Blackpants Stand actually won the Best Booth Award! We even got a certificate! Its official!!

To be honest, we didn’t even know these awards existed! A PBA rep came to our stand on the second day, and notified us we had been nominated for the award – which was an honour in itself. We were told that the award was based not only on stand appearance, but also customer service and the general vibe of the booth. The winners were judged by a secret panel of PBA representatives who would visit each stand throughout the show. Given that our stand is always shoulder-to-shoulder with excited customers, we didn’t really have the time to think about impressing judges, so we carried on business as usual.

On the morning of the final day, we all arrived at the show – well one of us did – the others were collecting coffee, and I was running back to the hotel to get our Wifi we had forgotten. So when the winner was announced on the loud speaker there was only one lonely staff member in attendance, to accept the congratulations and applause from the other stands!

...and they gave us cakes

Blackpants is a very hands on company. Even after 10 years of exhibiting at trade shows, we still do the entire set up ourselves. It usually takes around 12-13 hours, despite the fact that every time we go into it believing we will be done in 6, and will be at some nice bar drinking cocktails that evening rather than rearranging uniform placements for the umpteenth time. Cocktails never happen, nor does dinner!

So to receive accolades for our hard work was an absolute honour! Thank you to everyone who visited our award-winning stand, and also to those sneaky PBA judges who voted for us!

So anyway, here are some photos of the award winning stand!


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