Style verse Fashion: the truth behind the clothes you wear

One of my all time favourite topics. So often these two words are used interchangeably, when really they are completely different. And they both say a lot about you. 


noun: fashion; plural noun: fashions
a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration,
or behaviour."the latest Parisian fashions"


noun: style; plural noun: styles
a particular procedure by which something
is done; a manner or way.
Fashion is everywhere. From the runways, to the boutiques, to the department stores, and out onto the streets. Its ever-changing, its short-lived, and while often exciting, it can also lack substance.  Style on the other hand, is a little more discrete; you have to look for it in someone. Sense it. Style is a constant. And it’s all about substance. 
True style comes from within. It’s very internal. Style is asking yourself “what’s inside me?” “who am I?” and is not only knowing the answer to those questions, but being comfortable with them. Fashion is very external. Its about “what’s out there?” its about what other people are wearing, what other people are selling. 
What I find interesting is, true fashion is a by-product, of someone else’s style. If you look at any successful fashion house, any talented designer; their signature - is a reflection of their style. Their signature, becomes their style. And. Their style, becomes their signature. The stronger the style within, the stronger the signature, reflected in the garments they design. Which ultimately becomes the fashion they create.
Having style means knowing what to take from fashion, but not needing fashion to reflect who you are. Having style is taking from fashion, and knowing how to wear it. Making it your own. Having the innate ability to take a garment, that is ultimately the end product of someone else’s style, and making it marry into your own. Effortlessly.
Having style doesn’t need to be fashionable. As someone who has style, is always in fashion. Through the seasons, the trends, the years. Fashions come and go, but style remains through them all. Taking a bit from here, a bit from there, gaining substance and maturing. Becoming richer, and evolving over time.
As Coco Chanel so famously stated... “Fashion Changes. Style endures.

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  • Karen Jast: September 08, 2020
    I enjoyed and agree with your perspective on style. After years of trial, error and experiences in experimentation while looking at oneself others, and being coached in “how” to look at the effects of color and proportion, the “style eye” develops and evolves. It’s all about color and proportion as it applies to one’s unique, individual allure. You’ll know that you have found your style when your internal confidence and attitude are reflected in your external appearance. Anyone who looks at you will know that you are unapologetically comforfable in your own skin.
  • Chandra Pannell: September 08, 2020

    I am an Instructor and salon owner of Crowns and my passion is encouraging people to embrace their on style. The article above is such a true statement. Style is definitely from within and it grows in you throughout your life style.

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