The Intelligent Legging - International Launch

“These pants are brilliant. Not just for work that you stand on your feet all day. I wear mine for walking, exercising, dance, cycling etc. Great for travelling. They are slimming, comfortable yet stylish. Check them out.”

- Denise Taylor, Manic Panic USA


Launching a new product is always an exciting time. It can also be challenging, stressful and exhausting! But when that product is well received by your target market, there is no better feeling!

We recently launched the Intelligent Legging -  leggings that are designed to be worn like an everyday legging, however, boasts a number of key health benefits – making them perfect for anyone who is on their feet all day.  The new intelligent legging uses graduated compression to improve circulation; compression proves to relieve tired aching legs by reducing swelling, while also helping to prevent varicose and spider veins.  The extended waistband supports the entire mid section, strengthening the core, and relieving back pain.

The UK launch saw all the Blackpants team head to London to exhibit at both Olympia Beauty and Salon International. See 2 tradeshows in 10 days.

Trade shows are a great platform to engage with your industry and customers – to get feedback and also to continue to understand their needs and deliver accordingly.

The Blackpants design team worked on the intelligent legging for over 18months, from concept to final production. Again, like uniforms 10 years ago, we were introducing something new to the industry and it was a risky gamble. Doing two international trade shows with only one garment was also incredibly risky with very high stakes. But we had faith in our product. And it seems so do our customers, both those new to the brand and our old loyal customers from the beginning. We want to thank you all! The feedback we have received is beyond what we could have imagined, and like any good feedback from a client – it makes everything worth it. From all the Blackpants team, we love this industry and cant wait to continue providing you with great designs and new innovative products xxx 

“These leggings are incredible, as soon as you put them on they feel amazing.. Fits very true to size and you can instantly feel the support they give your legs back and are super slimming on the stomach .. Worth every cent.. I was a bit hesitant with the price but don't let that turn you off buying these! 5 stars great product black pants you guys rock!”

  • Alexis B

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